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Red Academy was established by Mr. Horace Mui. Since its inception, Red has provided all-round music programmes which harmonise the traditional and trendy approach of learning music. Students are to apply their learning from musical pieces of different genres and music theories where they can bring a piece of music to life and put the artist, or even themselves into the spotlight when executed well.

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With over 10 years' hands-on experience in stage performance and professional training, students are led by our talented educators to think outside the box and appraise any situation when offered performance opportunities. Red has collaborated with a wide range of musicians and artists including Lang Lang, Eason Chan, ANZENCHITAI (Safety Zone), Sammi Cheng, G.E.M., RubberBand throughout hundreds of performances. Over the years, Red has received various industrial recognition for its outstanding education and high-quality on-stage performance.

red show 2017 - 16 july - SC juinior A &


Red has been working in a wider spectrum of operation since 2019. The Musical of the Musical stands as one of the major music pieces in which Red provides performance arts training. Apart from dramatics, Red provides physical training sessions to encourage a healthier lifestyle. We aim to emphasis an all-round education and a whole-person development to our students.


  • To broaden perspectives and knowledge of our students by providing all-round performance education

  • To keep our students abreast of developments in the field

  • To maintain the flexibility to adapt course content to suit the interests and needs of our students

  • To provide hands-on musical training and train students to deliver professional performances

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