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Red Academy aims to provide a holistic learning platform for music lovers and theatre enthusiasts.  Founded by Horace Mui, who introduced the first local show choir in 2009 and has been actively engaged in the music industry since then, the Academy aspires to nurture young talents and introduce new concepts into performances, so as to make every show highly professional, entertaining and inspiring.

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We offer organized and diversified programmes which cover all-round training in singing, dancing and acting, each with meticulously designed curriculum, teaching methods and class size to cater various learning needs of children, youths and adults.  Besides building up knowledge and foundation during classes and rehearsals, we are also training up young talents into mature performers with sound performing skills and enchanting flair, by means of exceptional performing opportunities and special projects.

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  • To broaden perspectives and knowledge of our students by providing all-round performance education

  • To keep our students abreast of developments in the field

  • To maintain the flexibility to adapt course content to suit the interests and needs of our students

  • To provide hands-on musical training and train students to deliver professional performances