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Regular Class

Age 7—15

Adult Class

Age 16+




Total Vocal Method is a comprehensive singing technique system designed by the founder of Red Academy, Mr. Horace Mui.


The system combines popular singing techniques and traditional music knowledge, with the aim of helping students understand how to use their voice thoroughly, learn different singing techniques, and accumulate stage experience.

Through learning Cantonese songs that you love, this course allows you to more easily experience and learn the fun of singing, and create your own style! In addition, registered students can also receive rich learning resources and support, such as live performance opportunities, recording studio experience, and the opportunity to collaborate with unexpected musicians! This not only stimulates your learning enthusiasm, but also helps you achieve better achievements and breakthroughs in music!

If you want to explore your singing potential and understand local music culture, the Total Vocal course is definitely suitable for you! Let us work together to understand and master the trends of Hong Kong popular music, and showcase our talents and charm!

The course is divided into two series, one for regular classes suitable for ages 7-15 and one for adult classes suitable for ages 16 and above.


Regular class

Age                             : 7-15 years old

Course structure              : divided into 3 levels (Stage 1-3), 1 class per week, 1 hour per class

Music Genre                  : Cantonese and English pop songs

Examination                   : students can choose to take the UK Rockschool (Vocals) graded exam

Performance opportunities : outstanding students have the opportunity to participate in public performances

Adult class

Age                           : 16 years old or above

Course structure            : divided into 3 stages (Level 1-3), 8 classes per stage, 1 class per week, 90 minutes per class

Music Genre                : Cantonese pop songs mainly

Performance/Recording : recording experience (Level 2), graduation performance (Level 3), etc.

Details of Regular Class

Stage 1: For children aged 7 -15.

Stage 2: For children aged 9 -15. (ABRSM or Rockschool Vocals Grade 3 or equivalent is required)

Stage 3: For children aged 12 -15. (ABRSM or Rockschool Vocals Grade 5 or equivalent is required)

Stage 1 focuses on basic voice techniques such as breathing, enunciation and rhythm, also learning to interpret simple songs and basic music theory and vocal knowledge. Stage 2 requires students to learn more complex voice techniques such as expanding their vocal range and adjusting their tone colour, interpreting a wider variety of genres. Stage 3 requires students to learn advanced voice techniques such as pitch, harmony, recording and stage performance skills, singing more challenging songs, finding their unique voice and being able to handle different genres, while also professionally study music theory and knowledge.

Details of Adult Class

Level 1: For adults aged 16 or above.

Level 2: For adults aged 16 or above. (Completion of Level 1 is required)

Level 3: For adults aged 16 or above. (Completion of Level 2 is required)

Adult Class is divided into three levels based on singing techniques such as vocal placement, articulation control, vocal range, and breath control.

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