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Red Academy was founded by Mr. Horace Mui in 2009, with the aim of providing an excellent learning platform for music enthusiasts. We strive to break new ground and offer a range of diverse vocal courses to meet the interests and deepen the understanding of our students in various fields of vocal music.


We offer organized and diversified courses that cover comprehensive training in singing, dancing, and performing. Each course is carefully designed with different teaching methods and class sizes to meet the learning needs of children, teenagers, and adults. In addition to building knowledge and foundation in the classroom and rehearsals, we also cultivate young talents into mature performers with good performance skills and charming personality through performance opportunities and special projects.



Red has been working in a wider spectrum of operation since 2019. The Musical of the Musical stands as one of the major music pieces in which Red provides performance arts training. We aim to emphasis an all-round education and a whole-person development to our students.


  • To broaden perspectives and knowledge of our students by providing all-round performance education

  • To keep our students abreast of developments in the field

  • To maintain the flexibility to adapt course content to suit the interests and needs of our students

  • To provide hands-on musical training and train students to deliver professional performances

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