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Private+ Singer Training Program




Aiming to establish your own unique style in the music industry and have your own solo performance? Our private class can help you achieve your goals faster!

We'll design a customized curriculum based on your preferences and skill level, allowing you to focus on learning and improving your skills.

You can also apply for vocal exams, such as the ABRSM or Rockschool in the UK, based on your needs and abilities, to achieve greater success and breakthroughs in the field of music.

In addition to course content and exam preparation, we'll provide you with performance opportunities to showcase your talent and skills on stage. This will help you improve your performance abilities, establish more opportunities for musical exchange and collaboration!

Course format
Number of student(s)  : 1
Age range                    : No limit
Class time                     : 45 minutes or 1 hour


Private+ Singer Training Program
The Private+ Singer Training Program is an enhanced mode of private training designed for students with special needs, such as those preparing for competitions, performances, or exams, or those who aspire to a career in the performing arts!

In addition to receiving guidance from our professional instructors every week, students will also receive a monthly one-on-one super-level coaching session with our Director, Mr. Horace Mui, in the recording studio to accelerate their learning progress and unleash their full potential!

The Director will also recommend outstanding students to participate in public competitions to gain more practical experience and immediately open up their path to becoming a professional singer!

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