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Primary 6




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An all-encompassing music curriculum for kids that rejects the standard approach to music education. Through this program, we introduce youngsters to a wide range of songs and activities to extend their musical horizons while also having fun!


Depending on the needs of the students, the curriculum may also prepare them for voice tests.


Teachers will conduct regular exams to assess students' progress in their learning. Students can apply for vocal examinations (such as ABRSM) based on their individual requirements and skills, and we will also give performance opportunities as a method of achieve their learning objectives.


In addition to study song parts from many genres, music theory will be introduced into the program to enrich students' knowledge and allow them to apply what they've learned in other areas.


Students will acquire singing techniques through listening to a variety of music genres, which will help them gain confidence and spice up their singing.

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ABRSM is the exam board of the Royal Schools of Music leading authority. It gives a series of realistic goals and tangible rewards for candidates’ achievements. Capable students may enter ABRSM relevant grades according to teachers’ recommendations.

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Trinity Young Performers Certificates of Trinity College London are awards designed to develop performance skills, group interaction skills, confidence and sense of achievement through co-operation, creativity and music activities.

*Students have to pass teacher's assessment before applying for examination.

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