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(Age 12 - 23)

The Show Choir was established in 2009 by Red Vocal Academy director Mr. Horace Mui, with the aim to introduce show-choir singing to Hong Kong audiences, and redefine attitudes towards what choral singing is usually about. Through taking up a diverse range of repertoire, we hope to broaden the horizons of our members and help them discover their creative potentials. The Show Choir's playlist consistently features renditions of popular hits, whether local or overseas, with a spectacular mix of hip choreography and dance moves.

​Our choir features young people of different nationalities, who are all dedicated to singing and dancing and are most eager to perform on stage. Trained by professional vocal and dance teachers, our members bring to you sensational performances with songs and dance routines that will make you tingle with excitement! Your applause is our motivation for more creativity and the boost for our confidence!

​We count on your support for show-choir music that literally moves and shakes the stage!

Stay Tuned for Spring Auditions!
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