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(Age 6 - 11)

​The Show Choir Junior shall give your children an ideal childhood along with an exciting musical journey!

The Show Choir Junior, started by Red Vocal Academy, is a choir in American style specially designed for 6 - 11 year-olds. We won great support from parents and their children since our establishment and we are now starting another round of recruitment.  Lessons are conducted in English, and we select musical classics, current pop hits and foreign children’s ballads as teaching materials.  Through teaching in a lively and energetic way, we lead our children into the fantastic world of music while enhancing their knowledge and interest in vocal music.

Our curriculum places its foci on dance, music and language and aims to cultivate interpersonal skills. With an emphasis on children’s sense of music and movement, we hope to develop children’s rhythmical senses, creativity and nurture their musical instincts. Enrich your children’s life with music and build a solid base for their personal growth, broaden their horizons, and prepare them for whole person development! Give your children a chance to sing with their best voices, and become talented stars on stage!

Stay Tuned for Spring Auditions!
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