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(Age 4 - 5)

Make Show Choir Mini the best childhood memory for your child!

Red Vocal Academy has designed show-choir music curriculum for 4 - 5.5 year-olds based on American choral-singing education and is now recruiting more cheerful young children to join in the fun! The classes are taught entirely in English and students can explore the music world through singing and dancing to popular hits from cartoon shows and nursery rhymes.  The course curriculum is designed to train students’ dancing, singing, aural, language capabilities and interpersonal skills. Through singing and movement, we hope to inspire young children to become creative and imaginative individuals. Being in the class can also help develop their concentration skills, ability to observe and their physical agility. We also provide opportunities for our students to perform, through which they can develop self confidence and team spirit.
Pave the way for your child’s full-person development, and let music bring out their cheerful and lively side!

Stay Tuned for Spring Auditions!
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